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OCTOPUS TREE is a progressive rock band based out of Denver, CO. Delivering an energetic and powerful live set featuring an eclectic sound ranging from introspective acoustic music to heavy rock anthems. Explore their portfolio to see the work that showcases the highlights of their musical experience and tracks their creative development.

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OCTOPUS TREE consists of Spencer Church (Vocals/Bass Guitar), Nick Valdez (Vocals/Electric Guitar), and Joe Colomb (Vocals/ Drums). Based out of Denver, CO, They have been playing national tours and performing local area concerts since 2017. With a sound heavily influenced by the blues, progressive rock, metal, and funk OCTOPUS TREE brings a diverse, powerful, and groove oriented sound to any stage.

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“Every Light Is A Sun” showcases advanced musicianship and songwriting for an expressive and experimental journey that grooves, slaps, soothes, moves and guarantees a unique OCTOPUS TREE experience.

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Ideas chordal and harmonic began swaying to playing riffs that were compelling and striking.

Albuquerque Green Room

In more than one way, Octopus Tree’s Every Light Is a Sun challenges a linear narrative. Distinctly their own while deeply reminiscent of rock through the decades, the band skyrocket to mountainous heights while somehow maintaining the momentum of a lazing river.


...Progressive, complex, and dynamic sound that harkens back to the days of the heavy-hitting hard rockers of the ‘70s. The album is evidence of a band that has not only found its footing but also alludes to their future potential.

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